Sportsbook betting trends in India 2022: Wager & win ₹16,000

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Sportsbook Betting   Sports Betting

In the past decades, the sportsbook betting industry has noticed a meteoric peak and is constantly developing new possibilities for entrepreneurs to invest and thrive in the lucrative betting endeavor. Gambling has always been popular in India, specifically online cricket betting. The sports betting culture on different sports are achieving vogue as more people are gaining knowledge about it.

Is online sports betting legal in India?

  • Like with many enterprises in India, the legitimacy of online sports betting is not precise, and it is anticipated that things will drastically transform in the forthcoming years.


  • The governance has a record of making decisions in hurry, so the people of India will be expecting that they will get this proper. Whether they legalize betting or not, they cannot prevent it from occurring, so controlling the online sports betting industry rather than banning it would be the more acceptable choice.
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3 Upcoming sportsbook betting trends in India as per new technology

As sportsbooks betting rises, so does the enterprise and the sports world around it. Sports media platforms, players, and lovers also now get a bit of impact from sportsbook betting rules even on a non-betting connected scope. With the worry of sports betting trends, HappyIndia88 will go from most possible to least likely ones.

(1) eSports betting

  • The pandemic expedited the process as the lockdown to other sports clubs supported eSports a lot.


  • There is also the demographic and the timing of sportsbook betting online legalization.
  • Customers of the betting age are developing up exposed to competitive gaming and Buck streaming.
  • Rather than watching the NBA or soccer on TV, they’re watching DoTA 2, counterstrike.
  • eSports betting is already a specialty, and it will only keep getting more significant.

(2) Micro Betting

  • First, it was straight-up betting, then in-play betting, and the next transition to this is micro betting.
  • Micro betting is when players get to bet on the smallest things during a match.
  • Like, will Manchester City score during this session? Will Curry shoot his next 3-point attempt? Will Djokovic achieve a willing blunder this next game?

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(3) Live streaming matches exclusively on sportsbooks betting


  • Live betting or in-play betting associated with mobile apps has contributed immensely to the upgrade of sports betting trends.
  • Several sportsbooks already feature advanced live streaming technology.
  • Sports leagues like the Premier League and NFL – National Football League have already hit contracts with betting sponsors. This could be the subsequent stage.
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One fascinating thing about sportsbook betting is not simply the chance of winning cash but the connection it conveys. Sportsbook betting trends are still a niche, but as it evolves to be more mainstream, anticipate non-sports venues to start determining up that the thrill of winning bets is something that goes above sports lovers.

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