Top 7 Sportsbook Betting Trends in India 2022 One Must Follow

Catch Up with 7 Sportsbook Betting Trends in India 2022 & 3 Trendy Betting Sites: Dafabet, Betway & W88 to bet on Sports Events & Win 170% bonus up to ₹17,000.

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Introduction to Sportsbook Betting Trends in India 2022

The internet has many things, but in India, there is one market that has been blowing up with many trends: the Indian Sports Betting Market online. Yes, online gambling in India is not legal unless you use a site with a foreign license. Thanks to the availability of India’s top 3 legal betting sites, Dafabet, Betway, and W88 and their sportsbook online, many young people have been using sports betting online as the most entertaining form of investment.


Not only this but with the rise in sports betting online, many famous sports teams from, Cricket to eSports, have become affiliates of these online betting markets that offer their customers top-quality products as well as some of the most astounding cashback bonuses. So, stick around with us to explore the top trends in the sports betting industry in 2022, as well as, to catch up on the new trends in the coming years.

Top 7 Betting Trends in India that You Have to Catch Up On!

In life, it is not always necessary to keep up with trends but it is not the same for the sports betting world. When you join the sports betting world you will realize that the trends here are not only for a show that passes by immediately from one to another. Instead, these trends are beneficial to each and every sports bettor online as they come with great offers and even greater excitement.

#1 Pre-Match Sports Betting Online is a Trendy Risk

Starting off, we have something risky because let’s be honest, sports betting online is indeed risky which is all a part of the thrill! However, when it comes to sports betting online, many people tend to take calculated risks by betting on the given odds of matches online and by reading the statistics of how the game will flow.

  • These bets are indeed risky and are fun because of the unpredictability of the match outcome. However, here at least you know how the match started to make close predictions.
  • But in recent times, there have been many pre-scheduled matches out there that you can place your bets on without really knowing how the game will start and obviously, without knowing how it will end.
  • Following this trend in the sports market online is the most fun because here, you can place a bet on a match which is 2 days from now and the excitement of wanting to know the outcome would flourish on its own.

Thus, this trendy sportsbook risk is something that you should consider taking if you want to predict the outcomes and get it right by testing your luck. If you are scared to do so, then you should use sites like Dafabet, Betway or W88 to get accurate pre-match betting odds. As you go further down the article, you will know more about why you should choose one of India’s top betting sites as your go-to sportsbook.


#2 eSports Betting is the Sportsbook Game Changer

Today, the sportsbook betting rules are not only limited to real-life sports, but instead, we have taken a step further with the new trend of betting on eSports. eSports betting is loved by almost everyone in the betting world because it is the perfect blend of childhood and adulthood. Watching Live matches of eSports is definitely no less than watching some action film these days.

  • Many people resort to online betting to find some entertainment in this mundane adult life, and thanks to the introduction of eSports tournaments, many adults as well as college students tend to look forward to the match.
  • With this, they even opt to bet on their favourite team or wish to make money by spending their time watching these tournaments.
  • Many sites offer eSports in their sportsbook that you can bet on and here you can bet on Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, and many more video games.

Among all these games, the most trending one is League of Legends thanks to the increase in popularity of the South Korean pro player Faker, and Valorant, the must-play FPS game online that you will love and want to bet on instantly!


#3 Bored of Real-Life Match? Bet on Virtuals!

Thanks to technology, many things are possible right now, and one of these things is Virtual Sports. The origin of Virtual Sports in the sports betting world is very interesting, and thanks to its founders we can now bet on Virtual Sports matches which are sometimes more fun than any average match.

  • Originally starting as pen-and-paper play, Virtual Sports are now accessible to everyone thanks to online betting sites.
  • Using these, you can place bets on sports matches that take place virtually via live streams.

Virtual Sports are different from eSports because eSports are more about video games and virtual sports are about real sports matches that are generated based on certain numbers and advanced technology. They come in handy when there are no interesting real-life matches that you wish to bet on.

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#4 Betting on Formula 1 Races is a Thrilling Experience

Mid-2022, you must have noticed everyone suddenly talking about Formula 1 in the sports betting world, but what exactly is it? Well, Formula one is the latest trend in the sports betting world that you will hear of and that is betting on online single-seater formula car races.

  •  Unlike most of the trends, here you bet on individual racers in these extraordinarily thrilling racing sports.
  • Although it is scary, the players truly enjoy racing and you and your inner child will truly enjoy betting on your favourite racer.

Whenever there is a Formula 1 tournament, you will see Formula 1 Sports betting trending in social media because, in recent times, this is the most hyped and anticipated sport in the betting world.


#5 Want to Boost your Party? Try Social Betting

Another betting trend that many people tend to follow these days and which will eventually become more trendy in the coming years is the sports betting party! This is the most fun thing one can experience at any party and as you read more about it you will want to call all your friends and hop on this trend!

  • Just like how you play Poker at get-togethers, you can now enjoy more by being active and playing sports games be it cricket, basketball, or eSports.
  • So, call all your friends and relatives and tell them to get sports gear because this is something you definitely should try today.
  • If you do not want to be too much extra then put on a match and place your bets on the table to see who takes home the jackpot!

Social Betting is one of the trends in the sports betting world that is a fun family activity that is most apt for social gatherings.

#6 A New Upcoming Trend on Politics Betting

A sport, newly introduced in the sports betting world by one of India’s top betting sites, which is not really a sport, is Politics betting. This is the most fun betting sport that is bound to blow up every time there is an election.

  • Using Betway’s Sportsbook, you can now access their Politics section where you can bet on the ongoing UK Politics scenarios.
  • Here, you can use your money to bet on who will be the next London Mayor, the next party leader, or on the general election itself.

This trend is the newest in the Sports betting market but eventually, you can bet on politics from across the globe as it does seem fun among all the hysteria. To know how you can win such bets check out our Online Betting Tips and Tricks article.


#7 Bet Anywhere Any Time with your Accessory!

Lastly, and the most trendy part of the sports betting world that might become more famous than political betting is the accessories that you can use to place online bets on!

  • Previously, the gambling game room provider, PlayTech introduced an app that you can bet with using your Apple Watch.
  • This has caught the eyes of not only many sports bettors but many sports betting markets on the internet as well.
  • Online betting sites have recently also started introducing many sports betting apps which make people feel safer and easier to use, sportsbook betting via your smartwatch is something you should definitely watch out for in the coming years.

Using accessories for the ease and comfort of betting online is definitely something that will be trendy immediately and will stay that way for a long time because with the frequently changing odds, you can have quick glances and make bets using the devices on your wrists.

Top 3 Trendy Sportsbooks You Should Check Out

Now that you have been introduced to the top trends of the sportsbook in India 2022, you must be wondering where you can access a sportsbook that can help you jump on all the trends… well, as we have mentioned above, we have more than one sportsbook that you can use and the best part? All of them have great cashback bonus deals that you can claim upon successful login, let us look into them.

1) Dafabet offers 2 widely-used Sportsbooks

First off, you definitely must check out Dafabet, India’s most used betting site because it offers so many cool products that you can find even more trends here. Not only this but it offers two sportsbooks which are equally appealing.


  1. Dafa Sports: Using Dafa Sports you will find yourself betting at the most amazing sportsbook you can ever find online. The minimum betting rates start from ₹10 only which is pretty impressive and not only this but Dafabet offers a 170% Bonus up to ₹17,000 on Dafabet Sports
  2. OW Sports: The next sportsbook by Dafabet is the OW Sportsbook which is the most organized sportsbook you can find in the betting world. Using this as well as Dafa Sports, you can bet on most of the trends in Sportsbook. You can also grab the 160% up to ₹16,000 bonus by OW sports.

Dafabet is definitely the most appreciated sports betting site online because as soon as you join you receive the VIP treatment with a Bronze VIP account and many more sports betting rewards that come with it.

2) Bet Safely with Betway’s Unique Sportsbook

If you want to hop on the sports industry trends online but are not really trustful of online betting websites, then we highly recommend you start off with Betway India, which is another website for sports betting online that will be taking the sports markets by storm!


  • This is because Betway does not only offer its customers exciting bonuses but also gives them many sports to bet at.
  • Betway ensures that you gamble responsibly by letting you set fixed betting limits when you make a deposit and also offers a ₹4000 bonus for your first bet losses.
  • In fact, it is Betway that newly introduced Politics bet which you can play and see who wins which is guaranteed to become even more trendy in the coming years.

This new interesting take on sports betting proves that Betway is the one site that does not follow trends but strives to make and introduce new trends. On Betway’s sportsbook, you will find a variety of sports you can choose to bet on.

3) Explore the Always-Active W88 Sportsbooks

Last but not least, we have W88, a website that is not only always active but also offers you 6 sportsbooks you can choose to bet on. Besides this, when you join W88 you will notice that all the matches are organized very well here which makes this site the go-to online sportsbook for beginners.


  1. A-Sports: Here, you can bet on all the Asian sports matches which always is up to date with live as well as early match schedules. The sportsbook offers you a variety of betting options as well as additional links where you can bet on eSports matches.
  2. E-Sports: This does not stand but electric Sports but rather it stands for European sports. This Sportsbook is very easy to understand even if you are a first-time bettor. Recently, W88 also introduced us to E-Sports (Asian) which allows you to access all matches in Asia as well.
  3. Fantasy & V Sports: As the name suggests, W88 has a separate sportsbook exclusive to all Virtual and Fantasy matches to avoid confusion. Here, you can bet on all the ongoing virtual matches from any of the Fantasy, v-Sports 1, or v-Sports 2 sportsbooks, which is very beginner friendly.

When you join W88, you will be exposed to the most fun betting site as it is always active with customers all across Asia. in fact, when you join you can grab the first deposit welcome bonus of 150% up to ₹15,000 on A-Sports and E-Sports sportsbooks. You can also get daily cashback reloads and free ₹250 if you complete your W88 account verification.


These were the 7 sportsbook betting trends India that have overtaken India in the past years. However, these are only a few of them as the sports market continues to grow as you are reading this. So expect some of these trends to blow up as well as new trends emerging that make sports betting online more accessible and easy for those who truly enjoy it. Use Dafabet, Betway, or W88 to play sports betting online today and catch on to these trends to get up to ₹17,000 cashback bonus!

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