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Terms of Use – HappyIndia88.com

The Terms of Use (referred to as “Terms”) of Happyindia88 is a legal agreement that dictates the relationship between the visitors and the users using the site and the applications, services, and content it provides.

  • These Terms of use are a complete assortment of information, user guidelines, restrictions and other relevant information which is expected to be thoroughly read and understood by the user before opting for any activity on the site.
  • Happyindia88 provides reviews and everything related to the Top Online Betting Sites in India. Accessing the site or indulging in any activity on the site results in acceptance of the Terms of Use forming a base for the mutual agreement between the user and the site.

Definition - Online Betting sites Terms of Use

  • “Site” or “Website” in this Terms of Use refers to Happyindia88.
  • “Online Betting site” or “Top Betting sites” or “Betting Site” in the Terms of Use refer to the Top Betting Sites in India reviewed by Happyindia88.
  • “User” or “Visitor” or “You” or “Your” used in the entire Terms of Use are alternative names to identify any individual, group, organization or any other body accessing the Site under the Terms of Use agreement.
  • “Terms” or “Terms of Use” symbolize the following list of provisions, specifications, restrictions, usage, etc., as fixed by the site.

Updates/ Amendments of Terms

We reserve the right to change and amend the terms of the Privacy policy by giving 30 days prior notice on our Website. If the User continues to access our Site after the amendment is set to force, it is considered that the User understands and agrees to the amended Privacy policy. If the User or You do not agree or abide by the terms under Privacy Policy, You must stop using our Site immediately.

Services and Disclaimer - Terms of Use for website

We provide information relating to various Online Casino Sites and Sports Betting Sites in general.

  • The content that we provide on our Site includes reviews of online betting sites, promotional offer updates, popular casino and sports games on betting sites, how to register and start betting on the betting sites, betting advice, etc.
  • This information that we provide on our Sites has the sole intention of giving entertainment and information to the User accessing our Site.
  • By accessing our Site You admit that you are not relying on the content or information provided on our Site to place any bets on the outcome of any casino game or sports game.
  • You also agree that by betting on the outcome of any game outside your control You might be going against your Jurisdiction and You may lose all your funds including the deposits while betting on any event.
  • You accept that our Site, We or Our offices, staff members, contractors, associated brands or game or sports provider will not be liable or accountable for any of the losses incurred by You by placing bets on the Casino and sports events online on the Online Betting Sites.

Restrictions/ Limitations - Terms of Use for HappyIndia88

By accessing or visiting the Website or utilizing our Services, You admit:

  • Not to duplicate or copy, modify and re-publish or otherwise violate the Intellectual property rights connected to any services or materials on the Site.
  • Not to misuse the Site services or content to promote or use for any commercial purpose of any kind.
  • To waive any right to engage in a class of action or suit a case against us under any jurisdiction.
  • Not to interlope or make any attempt to do so with our working of the Site and related activities including any course of action that inappropriately harms the Site and its infrastructure in any way.
  • Not to store any content or data on the Site or use any spider, worm, robot or any other means to access the Site without Our permission and not to convey our data to any of the third parties.
  • Not to conduct any activity that can harm or affect the public image or reputation of the Site in any way.
  • Not to upload any data that might be unlawful, illegal, defamatory, libelous, obscene, abusive, tortuous, racially or ethnically offensive or otherwise repugnant.
  • To read our Privacy policy and Responsible Gaming policy carefully and thoroughly.

Third-Party Engagements - Terms of Use for HappyIndia88

The Site contains external links or third party website links including the Online Betting Sites in India. We have no control over the external third party links and we are not responsible for any services, products or content or other materials provided on these third party websites.

  • By visiting and using the Online Betting Sites via the external links you agree that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms of Use of that Betting Site.
  • You also cannot hold the Site owners or related entity to be liable for any damage or loss encountered by the external betting site links by accessing the external links.

Age requirement of the User

HappyIndia88.com does not accept any individual who is below 18 years of age and the services provided by us are not intended to the User under the age of 18 years. By accessing our Site You impersonate that your age is above 18 years and that you are eligible to practice activities on our Site. If your age is fewer than 18 you must agree to stop accessing our Site promptly.

Registration of your Account - Terms of Use for HappyIndia88

You are allowed to register and operate only one or a single account on Online Betting Sites. If you possess more than one account, the betting site holds the right to eliminate the additional accounts until complete account details along with the balances (that belongs to you) are incorporated. All the winnings and bonuses will also be forfeited. Once the account data is received, there will only be a single account terminating all other additional accounts.

  • For registration, the User must create a real money account and deposit the minimum amount set by the online betting site.
  • You have to register your Full Name (as per your National identity card or bank account) and preferred currency.

Note: The selected currency cannot be changed after a successful registration.

  • You must be 18+ years of age in order to register your account on the betting site. The Online Betting Site holds the right to demand proof of your age and can dissolve the account until agreeable documentation is provided by you.
  • You agree that by engaging and playing games on the betting site, you also have the risk of losing money deposited into your betting account.
  • You are not allowed to conduct any fraudulent, abusive or unethical behavior concerning your participation in any of the games or products or applications on the Betting Sites and participating through any of the software-assisted methods like robots, systems or software/hardware devices is strictly prohibited.
  • You must login to your account immediately and request for changing your account password if You feel that your betting account credentials are leaked or known by a third party.
  • You can play games on the Betting Sites only on your own behalf and not on behalf of any third party.
  • All details that you provide and register in the policy is true, complete and to your knowledge, and you must immediately report the Betting Site relating to any changes in the information.
  • You are accountable for informing and accounting for any taxes applicable to you following relevant laws for any bonuses or winnings that you receive from the Betting Sites.

Termination of Account/Account Closure - Terms of Use for website

Online Betting Sites reserve the right to close or terminate your account without prior notice and reason that may end up in forfeiture of your account funds and winnings if:

  • You have more than one registered account (duplicate / multiple accounts) or intentionally act as a bonus violators.
  •  You have used the website, downloaded any of its software or applications dishonestly or fraudulently or for unlawful or inappropriate goals.
  • If your account is closed by the Betting Site relating to any of the above reasons, you are accountable for all the claims, losses and damages incurred by the Betting Site and You shall not demand any such claims from the Betting Sites.
  • Betting Sites have the absolute right to keep or abandon your funds including your deposits and can further terminate if any future account with the same member or a group is observed.

Deposit & Withdrawal Statements

Deposit and withdrawal methods are many, each one with individual benefits and limitations. Let’s get you to know about each available option for Indian gamblers and offer the easiest betting sites to deposit money and withdraw your winnings.


User has to select the preferred currency from the options offered by the Betting Site. You cannot change the preferred currency after the successful registration. If you have deposited your money on any currency other than the registered one, it automatically changes to your registered currency upon the latest exchange rates.

  • The site system might decline your request on withdrawal if the deposit value is not played and or fulfill the rollover conditions before a withdrawal is requested.
  • Every Online Betting Site offers banking options to make a deposit according to the country it is operating. For Indian users, check the banking options of the Betting Site you opt for before signing in.
  • In case, you have any query or doubt regarding any of the deposits or withdrawal or registration or any other issue, you can contact the customer support of the respective Betting Site to have them cleared at any point in time.
  • You are allowed to deposit money into your betting account only for placing bets on the Betting Site. Online Betting Sites reserve the right to terminate or close your account if any unethical activity or violation of the Terms of Use is observed.


User can claim for withdrawal on the Online Betting Sites under their name or account only.

  • The withdrawal procedure differs from in every Betting Site. So, it is your responsibility to verify and confirm the withdrawal procedure before claiming it.
  • The Betting Sites hold the right to reject or cancel the withdrawal and may charge for the relevant amounts if the Betting Site faces any chargeback.
  • Betting Sites may request your identification and related documents to perform compliance concerning the withdrawal procedures.
  • Withdrawal at any Betting Site may incur charges depending on the transaction mode chosen by You. So, You must check the terms and conditions and the withdrawal procedure before claiming for the withdrawal on any Betting Site.
  • You are accountable to report your winnings and losses on the Betting Site for tax purposes.

Promotions Terms of Use for HappyIndia88

  • Promotions on Betting Sites include and are limited to the User, their family, residential address, bank account details, contact details, IP address, email address unless otherwise concerning specific conditions as approved by the Betting Site.
  • Betting Sites reserve the right to suppress or ban the member from availing any offer to any member or group at any time according to their discretion.
  • To avail of the bonus offers and promotional offers or free bets, You must have a verified account on the Betting Site.
  • You must read, understand and agree to all the terms and conditions under the promotion section on any Betting Site you access.

Privacy Policy for HappyIndia88

We are committed to protect and safeguard User Personal information and their rights under the Privacy Law. You must agree to our Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy in order to access our Website and consume the content provided by us.

Get a detailed note on the Privacy Policy here.

Explanation of Terms of Use

The Terms of Use including the Privacy Policy forms an entire agreement between the Visitor and the Site related to the subject matter and supersedes all prior negotiations, agreements, dealings and arrangements between both the parties and no other Terms and Conditions, except the ones mentioned above are applicable. The Terms may be modified and amended by us as in section 3 “Amendments and Updates” under these Terms of Use.

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