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Hand ranking is the objective of every player to win at poker. The aim is to make the best combination of cards from hole cards and community cards dealt in Texas Holde’em Poker. We will talk you through the very best poker hand to the good enough to bluff only, full hand ranking of poker combinations. Learn all poker rules and become the master in Texas Hold’em Poker.

Poker hand’s rank from highest to lowest

Players are dealt with 2 hole cards, hidden from their opponents and 5 community cards are drawn face-up for all the players by the dealer. Players are expected to make the highest hand rank possible in order to win Texas Hold’em Poker. But, one should know the hand rank to make the highest hand rank possible.

1.    Royal Flush Poker-Hand-Rank-05 Consecutive cards from an ace card to ten cards of the same suit.


2.    Straight Flush Poker-Hand-Rank-06 Any five consecutive cards of the same suit make a straight flush.
3.    Four of a Kind Poker-Hand-Rank-07 Any four cards of the same rank, the suit doesn’t need to be the same.

If more than one person has four identical rank cards, then the rank of the fifth card decides the winner.

4.    Full House Poker-Hand-Rank-08 Three of the five cards are of the same rank and the rest two are also of the same rank, irrespective of the suit.
5.    Flush Poker-Hand-Rank-09 Any five cards of the same suit, not necessarily consecutive.

The highest card determines the winner. The ace card is the highest possible.

6.    Straight Poker-Hand-Rank-10 Any five consecutive cards of a different suit.

The presence of an ace, king, queen, or joker card will be preferred.

7.    Three of a Kind Poker-Hand-Rank-11 Any three cards of the same rank with any different suits.

If more than one player gets the same three cards, then the rank of the other two will determine the winner.

8.    Two Pairs Poker-Hand-Rank-12 Two cards of the same rank with another two cards of the same rank make two pairs of the same rank cards. The suit doesn’t need to be the same.

The highest rank card of two pairs will determine the winner.

9.    One Pair Poker-Hand-Rank-13 Two cards of the same rank, but they can be of a different suit.

If more than one player has one pair of cards, then the rank of the remaining three determines the winner. The one with the highest rank card will be the winner.

10. High Card Poker-Hand-Rank-14 The lowest hand rank is any 5 cards of different suits in any order.

The best possible arrangement of cards to win with is the ace, king, queen, joker, and any card among 9 to 2 of any suit.



By heart the hand ranking before start playing poker. We recommend you keep a printout of the above table (cheat sheet) to get acquainted with the hand ranks until you’re confident enough.

Explanation of Poker Hand ranks – Strongest to weakest.

#1. Royal Flush

  • You’ll find royal flush sitting at the top in the hierarchy of poker, it is the strongest hand rank.


  • There is no beating if you made a royal flush from your cards, you’ll be the king of the game then.
  • It’s quite difficult to get a combination of royal flush but it also beats every other hand your opponent might hold.

#2. Straight Flush

  • A straight flush is one of the strong cards in poker and holds a great deal of value for a player to win the game.


  • For example, a king, queen, joker, 10 and 9 cards of a diamond is the strongest among all straight flush possible and a 5, 4, 3, 2, and ace cards of any same suit is weakest among all straight flush hand rank.
  • It beats every other hand your opponent might hold, except the highest straight flush.

#3. Four of a Kind

  • It is one of the strong hands in poker and holds a great chance for the player to win the round. If you end up with four same value cards, congratulations you just got a squad.


  • Four kings in five cards beat four sevens with an ace card. Four of a kind is often a winning hand beating anything other than royal flush and straight flush.

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#4. Full House

  • A full house is difficult to get in a combination of hand rank but it beats every other hand except four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush.


  • For example, three king cards and two queen beats a pair of two value cards and 3 ace cards in a combination.
  • When two players get the full house then the player with the highest three of a kind wins.

#5. Flush

  • Flush is a medium-strength card with the same suit, irrespective in consecutive order.


  • For example, any five cards with the same suit and no order, a combination with more high-value cards have more chances to beat other cards.
  • Players often get confused and forget the ranking of hands, a flush does beat a straight hand but it doesn’t beat a full house.

#6. Straight

  • The highest possible straight hand possible is an ace, king, queen, joker, and a ten-card of different suits.
  • The straight hand lies in the middle of the hand ranking system.


  • It’s not the strongest possible to win the game but it provides a great chance to bluff your opponent to make him fold in fear.
  • The probability of winning increases by 18% to the very end of the round in the game.

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#7. Three of a Kind

  • It’s not the highest card in the hand ranking system, but it still beats two pairs, one pair, and high card hands.


  • For instance, three king cards in a combination will win over the three queen cards in a combination.

#8. Two Pairs

  • Two pair is still quite strong and have a good chance of winning through some confidence and the appropriate amount of bluffing.


  • For example, two queen cards and two aces among the five will beat two jokers and two ten cards in the round of the game.
  • Two pairs hand also provide a fair chance of winning the game but the risk is pretty high.

#9. One Pair

  • The highest one pair possible is two ace cards and the lowest possible is a pair of two value cards.


  • Risk is higher than before and taking a chance makes you lose your money, it’s your choice to either continue bluffing or fold.

#10. High Card

  • The name is quite opposite to its meaning. High card is not the highest hand rank in poker, in fact, it’s the lowest hand rank possible.
  • The chances of winning are near to negligible, if you get a high card then pray that your opponent has a high card too.


  • Risk and decision are in your hand and the chances are pretty low. When your opponent lacks so much even a pair then you might win.
  • Bluffing might make you win the round, but it solely depends on your opponent’s confidence in his cards.

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Importance of hand ranking in Poker

Winning a game of poker depends on having the highest hand rank possible. Some importance of hand ranking in Texas Hold’em poker are:

  1. Knowing hand ranks determines further action of players. The more powerful hand, the more confident player has to win the game.
  2. The amount of bluffing depends on hand rank. It’s stupid to continue bluffing if your card’s hand rank is the high card.
  3. The Player aims to get the highest hand rank possible and that determines the chances of winning the game. The most powerful hand ranks are rare to create and probability is 1 in thousands. The least powerful hand ranks provide a negligible chance to win the game.
  4. There’s no place for a noob in poker, it’s naïve to know the importance of hand rank and still ignore the learning process. Poker is incomplete without hand ranks.
  5. Confusion is pretty common among players, full house beats the flush and flush wins over straight. Mastering hand ranks fades away the confusion.

Hence, the significance of learning the hand rank before starting to play any kind of Poker is not unknown.

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What are ties and kickers?

There’s a huge possibility that more than one player makes the same best hand at the table. The tie will be broken by using a kicker then.

For instance, let’s say two players get a pair of 9 in both of their hands.


Then the one with the highest card value (excluded from the pair) will win the round. Player A has an ace card as its highest kicker and player B has a joker card as its highest kicker. Ace is higher than the joker, Player A wins.

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Now that you know the importance of hand ranks. We hope that you believe when we say that hand ranks are the heart and brain of poker. Playing poker without complete knowledge of hand ranks is like going down in the vain. We hope this guide made you understand the significance of hand ranking and soon, you’ll become the master of Texas hold’em poker.

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