Top 35 Legal Countries for Online Gambling in 2022

Ranking of 35 Countries where online gambling is legal, made by HappyIndia88 – from the region Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, South America & Middle East!

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In the year 2020, the Lives of millions of people got disrupted. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Millions of businesses went down the drain globally. But some of them thrived with flying colors, one of them is Online Gambling Sites.

Amount of users rushed into online gambling when sources of money were deprived and they had loads of time to kill in their hands. The online gambling market boosted at a great pace.


Even with immense money-making power, online gambling is confined to some countries. It is banned by many countries like UAE, Singapore, Qatar, Poland, and so on. But we will not want to restrict you from such a wonderful opportunity, hereby, we will emphasize online gambling legal countries.

Let’s find out whether your country is the one, which allows you to earn through online gambling or do you need to move out of your country. We’ll proceed by the defined areas to make it easier for you to find your country.

#1. EUROPE – 15 Legal Countries

The first largest market of online gambling. You are fortunate to be a part of Europe. Each country in Europe has the right to regulate its online gambling rules in their hand. Though, two requirements are fulfilled by every country:

  1. KYC Requirements.
  2. Anti-money laundering directive.


Countries that legalized online gambling in Europe are:

  1. Germany: no official regulations in online gambling. So, neither allowed nor prohibited.
  2. Finland: the state-owned monopoly over casino games.
  3. France: online poker is legal under their regulations.
  4. Denmark: online gambling is completely legalized.
  5. Austria: the public-private monopoly over online gambling market. Lottery License regulates all games online.
  6. Belgium: Legalized under category A+ and category B+ licenses.
  7. Italy: all card games are legalized under AAMS.
  8. Hungary: The Gambling Supervision and Ministry of National Economy regulate the law.
  9. Estonia: land and online-based casinos are fully legal with multiple licenses.
  10. Slovakia: There is a state monopoly over online games.
  11. Spain: special gambling windows regulated with licenses.
  12. Sweden: Svenska Spel- Monopolist operator.
  13. The United Kingdom: If your company has a license, then all card games are allowed.
  14. The Czech Republic: permits to play every game from tambola to lottery.
  15. Serbia & Portugal: License requirement to launch online gambling site.

#2. North America – 7 Legal Countries

Despite online gambling being completely legal in the USA. Some state regulations are to be taken into account.


  1. California: only online Poker is legalized here.
  2. New Jersey: online gambling is legalized since 2013.
  3. Delaware: almost all games are legalized under PASCA.
  4. West Virginia: Online betting on sports are allowed, online gambling is still on its way to allowance.
  5. Lowa: iBetting and fantasy sports are allowed in Lowa.
  6. Pennsylvania: online card games are legalized.
  7. Oregon: Betting on sports is permitted but online gambling is illegal.

#3. Asia-Pacific – 9 Legal Countries

It is the second-largest market of online gambling in the world.


  1. Thailand: Horse race betting is permitted in Bangkok.
  2. Australia: more than 80% of Australians are actively engaged in online gambling. It also has an Interactive Gambling Act to protect people from adverse theft online.
  3. New Zealand: more than 3 million people are involved in online gambling in New Zealand.
  4. Japan: Betting on motorsports and horse racing is legal but any other type of gambling is illegal.
  5. China: Betting on a horse race is legal in Macau and Hong Kong only.
  6. Philippines: online gambling is legalized under PAGCOR.
  7. India: Betting on sports is legalized. People can participate in a national lottery.
  8. Vietnam: only state lottery is legalized.
  9. Indonesia: only state lottery is legalized.

#4. South America – 2 Legal Countries

Online gambling is legal in some areas but decisions are still pending.


  1. Cambodia: It is the only region where online gambling is permitted in South America.
  2. Argentina: online card games are legalized in the capital, Buenos Aires.

#5. Middle East – 2 Legal Countries

Online gambling is banned by most of the countries in the Middle East. But some rooms are yet open to sports betting and lotteries.


  1. Morocco: all the casino games are legalized. Citizens are allowed to play online card games in any other country in the world.
  2. Lebanon: iBetting on sports is permitted in Lebanon. The only national lottery is legalized under the government.

The online gambling industry is estimated to increase from 65 Billion U.S. dollars to 112 Billion U.S. Dollars by 2025. Some countries saw the opportunity and used it the best way they can. Some are still deciding on the regulations and some are close-minded to the idea of online gambling. If your country allows you to play and earn, then don’t waste your time binge-watching.

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The online gambling industry is increasing and will continue to increase, think ahead of time and be ahead in the line. Thousands and millions of people are enrolling, it’s increasing at a great pace every day. Take the future in your hand and grab as much as you can if your country is allowing you to do so.


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