How to play W88 3 Card Poker easy for beginners – Know Rules

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W88 3 Card Poker   3 Card Poker Rules

The 3 Card Poker has earned fame because it’s entertaining and easy to learn. The game intends to make the most desirable poker hand possible with only 3 cards.

What is a 3 Card Poker?

The 3 card poker game was founded in 1994 with Derek Webb as the licensor. The rules of the game are not complicated to follow. And there are multiple forms of betting which generate joy for the bettor quite well. Including the reward money of the winner from one game is worth not missing any other betting games.


The purpose of the 3 Card Poker approach is to obtain the best of the 3 players’ hands with a greater card rank than the casino dealer with the below types of betting:

  1. Ante is the royalty money or stacks the money you bet with the dealer, payout rate is 1
  2. Pair Plus is a special bet. Can bet with Ante, with a higher payout rate
  3. Bet is placing bets.
  4. Fold is a card fold in case the cards are not fair
  5. Raise is a fight if the cards are rich and want to resume betting

The order of the 3 card poker online used in the decision

As for playing card poker, the sequence of cards will be marked by the whole suit by not holding just adding and deducting points which are essential here, and for the rank cost of 3 poker cards from largest to smallest. Do try your luck at the W88 online Asia poker tournament to earn big rewards.


  1. Straight flush cards are the features of the deck of cards Q, K, A which hold the largest order value
  2. 3 cards are the second largest, the features of a poker set of 3 cards of the equivalent number
  3. Straight cards are a kind of poker card set in sequence
  4. Flush cards are the aspects of poker cards that are all the equivalent color
  5. A pair of cards is a set of cards consisting of 1 pair of 3 cards
  6. High Card is a dueling type that scores the size of a poker suit

Simply remember this fundamental 3 card Poker decision sequence without having to mug up it. Players can bet with real money as they are already having enjoyment.

Learn to play 3 card poker at W88 in less than 5 minutes

It is the most famous casino card game. 3 Card Poker is a variant of Hold’em Poker games usually played with a 52-card deck. The W88 offers a wide variety of betting choices and approaches and a heads-up battle against the dealer. Keep reading to learn the game.

Step 1: Access the & Login

  • You need to visit the top online betting site, W88, and register your account to play 3 Card Poker online


  • Enter your username and password correctly
  • Click the login button and wait for a while for the site to load to the main website

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Step 2: Enter into W88 3 Card Poker game


  • Upon arrival at the main homepage of W88, go to the menu bar and click the Games category
  • Then pick and click Play Now on the 3 Card Poker

Step 3: Start Betting on 3 Card Poker – Minimum of ₹2

When opening the 3 card poker room, select your preferred betting limit and start wagering instantly after the timer sign has stopped. Along with the system, a message popped up, “Please place a bet.” Place your bet will start betting on W88 3 Card Poker, as shown in the example below.


  • Place your money into the Ante or Pair Plus slot as expected. Click Confirm before the time runs out. Then the system will start to let the dealer deal 3 cards to you and himself individually.
  • After you have viewed the 3 cards Poker on the table, prefer the bet type as there is Play fight and Fold for a fold.


  • At the time of the decision, all 3 poker cards of the dealer’s side will be shown, and you will identify bet decisions quickly, which will determine who is more significant by scoring in order of card advantage.

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3 card poker is a fun game to play because it doesn’t take risks like every time. Any twist of a 3 card Poker is not fair it can always fold. Or when you fight, you can fight to the fullest. Players must uncover ways to help play. Techniques for applying various gags to join double the likelihoods of your bets and your earnings even more.

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