How to make W88 Deposit India 2022 – Minimum deposit of ₹500

Learn how to Deposit money at W88 for Indian players. The min deposit is ₹500. Make W88 deposit 2022 now to claim 1st deposit bonus up to ₹15k! Signup on W88!

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3 Easy W88 deposit steps in 5 minutes!

Here’s an effortless and quick deposit process in under 5 minutes on W88. Follow the below given 3-step guide to have a successful deposit process.

Step 1: Login on W88

The first step to start with the deposit process is to log in to your W88 account.


Step 2: W88 Deposit Funds management page

  • After clicking on the Deposit button, you’ll see the Funds Management page on your screen with a list of deposit options.

  • You can opt for either bank transactions or go for an e-wallet W88 payment system that is most advisable for Indian players.
  • You need to fill up your details in the boxes popping on the Funds management page. 

Note: Fill in the deposit amount and the Deposit Wallet correctly.

  • Always choose your deposit wallet according to your game preference. For example, if you want to play Poker, choose the poker category in the deposit wallet and likewise.



  • Before making the deposit, check all the W88 game categories and W88 deposit options. This is because the minimum and maximum W88 deposit limits depend upon these criteria. 
  • You have a verification option before checking out your deposit.

Note: W88 deposit procedure varies from channel to channel. 

W88 deposit pro tip: Link your bank accounts with your W88 India account for a quick and stress-free flow of transactions.

Step 3: W88 Deposit Real money – Hit the Deposit button

Login to W88 check! Filled respective details check! The final step is to click the Deposit button and wait for the bonus code to appear. You’ll receive the code via SMS or text message. Fill up the code on the website. And there, you just finished your W88 deposit process. Wasn’t it so simple? 


Note: Use the Bonus code within the time limit given. 

Use the bonus code to enter into exciting W88 gaming options and win huge jackpots! Start your thrilling betting journey today!

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W88 Minimum Deposit: ₹500 only

With a ₹500 minimum deposit, you may begin your gaming adventure. Access the whole website on any preferrable device and dive into the pool of games with amazing offers and bonuses. 


W88 has the most vibrant range of games and betting options for gamblers. The fact that the minimum deposit is only ₹500 makes it a more appealing and worthwhile gaming site to test.
Now, win innumerable bets and earn jackpots to take away by starting with your W88 deposit process today!

What are the W88 deposit options for India? 

Start your gaming venture with W88 deposit options that are:

  • Crypto Wallet
  • EcoPayz
  • UPI
  • Astrocard

The deposit process changes according to the channel you choose. For example, for the Astrocard deposit option, you need to fill in your card info like card pin, card serial number and card expiry date as well for the payment to proceed.

Best W88 Deposit options – Fast transfer via EcoPayz and Astrocard

The best and preferred options for Indian players to deposit are e-transfer options, EcoPayz and Astrocard

(1) Ecopayz

It is the most trusted e-transfer service provider that provides safe and secured transaction process worldwide. Fill in the Deposit Amount and Deposit Wallet fields, and you’re done!

(2) Astrocard


Astrocard is also a viable deposit option for Indian players as it takes seconds for the transfer process. It is proven to be the most used prepaid card in the virtual payment world, and thus W88 India recommends it as one of the best options to make your deposit.

Join W88 now!! On your initial deposit, you’ll receive ₹300 free bets and additional amazing bonus offers worth up to ₹15,000 in total.

Advantages of using e-transfer payment options

As we discussed above, there are two best methods that W88 recommends Indian players to opt for their payment procedure. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using e-transfer alternatives.

  • Safe and secured payment.
  • Fast and simple.

Disadvantages of using e-transfer payment options

A bit of extra effort is required to transfer payment through e-wallets. Some of them include:

  • Need for Ecopayz and Astrocard accounts.
  • Absence of a payment receipt as in bank transactions.

Enjoy Gaming with an easy W88 Deposit!

As we saw, the W88 deposit procedure was so simple. Just fulfill the three-step process, and you got your deposit made within minutes! And with only a ₹500 minimum deposit? That’s too low, isn’t it? You may enter the exciting world of online gaming with just small payment!

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