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Introduction to W88 e-Sport

W88 India has 3 sportsbook providers and the most ancient one is a W88 e-Sports provider with a European theme. e-SPORTS sportsbook provider is embedded with modern layout, hundreds of sports to bet on with thousands of sports matches every day, amazingly unusual odds, and greater RTP with less house edge.


Bet with W88 e-Sport and enjoy the best online betting experience of your life with a modern layout and modern-oriented odds. Win amazing prizes and high pay-out with professionally calculated odds by betting experts. Enjoy online betting and earn huge profits of real cash with the best.

Top 5 features of W88 e-Sport

Why should you bother to join W88 India and choose W88 e-Sports to bet on sports matches? Well, you have a great question and we have a greater answer for you. Mentioned below are the top 5 features of W88 e-Sports to compel you to bet on sports matches at W88 India.


  1. Sports available: Cricket, tennis, soccer, virtual games, basketball, boxing, football, league of legends, hockey, call of duty, e-sports and so many W88 e-Sports to bet on.
  2. Betting options: FT winner, over/under, a man of the match, FT spread, FT score, handicap betting, half-time score, foul, and so many more betting options available at W88 e-Sports.
  3. Minimum betting limit: Least amount of real money you require to bet at W88 e-Sports is ₹5, which makes W88 the most affordable online betting site in the Indian market.
  4. Unusual betting odds: W88 India ensures greater unusual odds for Indian players to help them predict better and have a high expected payout, calculated professionally by betting experts.
  5. Live streaming: W88 e-Sports allows live streaming for an Indian player to watch the match while placing bets and waiting for the results. Get everything you need in one place with W88.

Top 5 sports available under W88 e-Sport

What’s stopping you from W88 sports betting when you only need ₹5 to bet on it. Discover the top 5 sports available at W88 e-Sports to bet on and earn a huge amount of real cash!

#1. Cricket

The name itself is enough, love for cricket of Indian players is beyond explanation. W88 India knows it and provides the best betting options, greater odds, and great returns for players who bet on cricket more often.


  • Betting odds: Amazingly unusual betting odds are shown on the screen throughout the cricket match.
  • Betting options: FT winner, FT spread, the man of the match, score, wickets, first foul, etc.
  • Minimum betting stake: ₹5 is the minimum betting stake at cricket in W88 e-Sports.

#2. Soccer

It is one of the loved sports by most of the Indian bettors and W88 India always brings the best schemes to lure more football lovers to bet on football sports and earn loads of real money.


  • Betting odds: Greater betting odds are shown on the screen throughout the soccer match in W88 esports.
  • Betting options: Full-time handicap, 1st half Handicap, full time over/under, full time 1×2, etc.
  • Minimum betting stake: ₹5 is all you need to bet, it is the minimum betting stake at Soccer.

Visit the best online betting site to bet on sports and earn huge profits of real money, W88 betting site and experience next level of betting.

#3. Badminton

Speedy and technical game with multiple goals and fouls is the most interesting sport to bet on at W88 e-Sports because of multiple betting options, amazing odds, and interesting layouts.


  • Betting odds: Wonderful betting odds are shown throughout the badminton match on the screen in W88 esports.
  • Betting options: FT winner, FT spread, Moneyline, parlays, mixed betting option, exchange betting, etc.
  • Minimum betting stake: ₹5 is all you need to bet on a badminton match, making it is the minimum betting stake.

#4. E-Sports

E letter in E-sports stands for electronic, players can bet on video games to win real money with W88 e-Sports. Mentioned below are top 3 E-Sports to bet and win real money.


  • League of legends: It is inspired by DOTA 2, a video game with an online battle arena to compete with another team in three different theme maps to destroy their heritage, culture, and sacred temples. Bettors are supposed to predict the winners.
  • Counter-Strike: Players are supposed to bet on terrorist or anti-terrorist teams to win, where the anti-terrorist team tries to defend the country by stopping the terror activities of the terrorist team while the latter focuses on completing its terror act.
  • DOTA 2: Players are supposed to bet on a team between two teams who are supposed to destroy each other ancient, which is a building of sacred value to win the match in three different maps.

#5. Tennis

W88 India offers hundreds of tennis events and tournaments to bet on W88 e-sports so the players with immense love for tennis will never lose the chance to bet on it ever, tennis sports matches are available 24×7 to bet on and earn money.


  • Betting odds: In W88 esports, amazingly unusual betting odds are shown on the screen throughout the tennis match.
  • Betting options: Full-time handicap, winner, first runner up, 1st half Handicap, foul, full time over/under, full time 1×2, etc.
  • Minimum betting stake: ₹5 is all you need to bet on Tennis at W88 e-Sports, it is the minimum betting stake.

How to bet on W88 e-Sport – 3 steps guide

Without further ado, let’s jump into the main activity stream to bet on W88 e-Sports. The three simplest steps are mentioned below to bet on W88 e-Sports with ease to bet and earn loads of real money..

Step 1: Access W88, register & select W88 e-Sports

Follow the points mentioned below stepwise to learn how to bet on W88 e-Sport and enjoy earning some decent money.

  • Access the official W88 site via the link given in the article above to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘JOIN’ to do W88 register via the registration form and enter valid details to verify.


  • Choose ‘SPORTS’ in the horizontal column where all W88 India products are mentioned in the horizontal list alongside each other.
  • Select ‘e-SPORTS’ from the given list of online sportsbooks providers at W88 India to bet on sports matches.

Step 2: Select the sports and choose the match

  • Select the sports you want to bet on, we are choosing ‘Cricket’ as the popularity of cricket is undeniable in India.


  • Choose whether you want to bet on sports matches in India or international matches. We are choosing ‘India’ cricket matches to bet on at W88 India.
  • Select the ongoing or upcoming match you want to bet on and click on it to visit betting tables, we chose ‘Gujarat vs Lucknow in India Premier League

You must do a W88 deposit to be able to bet on W88 e-Sports as online betting requires money to bet on and earn more in return.

Step 3: Observe the odds and place the bets

  • Observe the odds you want to bet on. Remember the greater odds yield higher outcomes.
  • Click on the team you want to bet on, we are choosing ‘Gujarat’ since it has greater odds as compared to Lucknow.


  • Enter the stake you want to wager in, the minimum betting limit at W88 e-Sports is ₹5
  • Click on ‘Place Bets’ to process your bets and wait for the results to be announced.

Mentioned below are two cases to give you an example of your winnings and losing in different scenarios.

Case 1: Bet on Gujarat

Case 2: Bet on Lucknow

W88-e-Sport-11 W88-e-Sport-12
Odds: 1.98 Odds: 1.79
Wager: RM100 Wager: RM100
Pay-out: RM195 Pay-out: RM179
If Gujarat wins: you get RM198 If Lucknow wins: you get RM179
If Gujarat loses: you lose RM100 If Lucknow loses: you lose RM100

Top 2 promotions for newcomers at W88

There is so much to get with W88 India but the best thing still remains the same. W88 promotion is undeniably the best feature of it in the Indian gambling market. Join and grab a welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 in your sportsbook wallet and enjoy.


  1. The free bonus of ₹250 without deposit

All the players must do is make a new account at W88 India via a registration form with valid credentials. Complete the verification process of your W88 account and 1 rollover requirement to claim a free bonus of ₹250 without making any deposit.

  1. 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000

Register your account at W88 to claim a 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000 on your first deposit at W88 sportsbook wallet and complete the rollover requirement within the set time frame to unlock the locked bonus amount in the main balance account to be able to withdraw your bonus.

Explore the top 5 online gambling sites of Indian online gambling market to play and earn welcome bonuses up to ₹30,000 on your first deposits!


Did you begin your online betting journey already? Bet on W88 e-Sports and earn more fun-earned real money. W88 India sportsbook is a one-stop shop for online sports betting; no matter which kind you want to pursue, we provide you honest W88 e-Sports review of W88 India to help you make an honest and unbiased decision. Register your account at W88 India and enjoy a 150% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on the first deposit in your sportsbook wallet.

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