W88 Fantasy sports: Cricket, soccer, hockey | Win ₹86k/month

Daydreaming your own sports world? Make it happen at W88 Fantasy sports by betting on Cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis. Signup & win ₹86,000 monthly!

W88 Fantasy Sports W88 ₹250 free

W88 sports bettings games are excellent possibilities for sports fans to make money online. However, you no longer need to play the same & get bored. The most ideal experience for you is being born at the W88 house. We will introduce & guide you through the W88 Fantasy Sports!

What are W88 Fantasy sports?

W88 Fantasy sport’s goal is to make players build their own team & score as many fantasy points as possible. So the challenge is to identify the players/athletes who have the most potential to score fantasy points. It adds reality to the experience, making it more engaging than other virtual sports games.

W88 Fantasy sports

You can use your sports knowledge to help your squad attract talented athletes.Furthermore, according to the regulations of Fantasy Sports, you can swap participants with one another. For scoring, the tournaments are also based on real-life tournament situations. Playing W88 Fantasy sports is, however, no different than being a coach in real life!

5 Popular sports available at W88 fantasy sports

With the 2020-2021 season, the W88 India hosted a new major sportsbook: W88 Fantasy sports. This is the only way for sports fans to have the most thrilling experiences possible. Below are the 5 popular sports available at W88.

W88 Fantasy sports

  1. Cricket – All the cricket enthusiasts can now enjoy making your dream 11 team with the best bowlers and batsmen available.  From Big bash league to ICC T20 World cup find all the popular tournaments at W88 Fantasy cricket.
  2. Football – Another popular sport in the world. Soccer! Name a league and you will be able to find it at the W88 Fantasy football sport. With Premier league being the most popular, start making your favorite team & enjoy winning.
  3. Hockey – Not so popular game, but you will definitely start loving it once you enter the W88 Fantasy world. From NHL, KHL to Liiga, choose your preferred event to enjoy hocket betting online.
  4. Basketball – If you are fond of Basketball betting then you will find popular tournaments like NBA, European basketball, Olympic basketball, and more. Pick your favorite event and enjoy building your team with the best players.
  5. CS: GO – Love esports gaming? Then CS: GO is a must-try game at W88. Tournaments like Premier fall, showdown, final, and many more can be found here.

W88 Fantasy sports, such as football, hockey, and basketball, are particularly well-suited to team sports. The list does not end here, you may find many more sports like MMA, Motorsports, American football, Dota 2, Tennis & more.

W88 Fantasy sports game rules & scoring rules

Game Rules

Scoring Rules

Create a squad depending on the sport you pick. Point 1

Playing time up to 60 minutes

Playing time over 60 minutes

Midfielder or attacker plays the full match

Midfielder clean sheet (60+ min)

Team wins in the period player is on the pitch

You have a budget of 100.0 million dollars to assemble your initial squad. Point 8

Goalkeeper scores a goal

Form and in-game transfer movement can cause player valuations to climb and fall. Point 6

Defender scores a goal

The Sell price of a player is the same as their current Buy price. Point 5

Midfielder scores a goal

Goalkeeper saves penalty

You have until the end of Gameweek 1 to make any changes you want. Point 4

Forward scores a goal

Goalkeeper or defender clean sheet (60+ min)

Each Gameweek’s deadline will be 1 hour before the start of the first match. Point -1

Keeper or defender concede 2 goals

Yellow card

Team loses in the period player is on the pitch

Each week, nominate a Captain and Vice-Captain. Your Captain will receive a bonus point. Point 3

Assist or Fantasy Assist

Each Gameweek, you have one free transfer. Each further transfer will result in a minus 4 point penalty. Point -2

Score an own goal

Penalty miss

Scoring freekick caused

Caused a penalty

You can save a Gameweek transfer, but you can only have two Free Transfers at a time. Point 0.5

Goalkeeper made a save

There are 2 Wildcards in your deck. Each half of the season has 1. You can make limitless free transfers with a Wildcard.  Point -3

Red card

3 Steps on how to play W88 fantasy sports

We will provide you with detailed instructions so that you can simply engage in W88 Fantasy Sports. Follow the below 3 steps on how to play Fantasy Sports at W88 in the simplest way possible. 

Step 1: Access your official W88 account

W88 Fantasy sports

  • Visiting W88 for the first time? To begin, go to W88 Register and make an account, then proceed with the procedures below.
  • Members who have already signed up can log in to their W88 account using their username and password.
  • After logging in successfully, go to the menu bar and click on the sports option.

Step 2: Select Fantasy sport under the sports section

  • W88 offers a variety of sportsbook markets, each with a different selection of sports to wager on.

W88 Fantasy sports

  • Since we are talking about W88 Fantasy sports, click on it.
  • Get ready to rock and roll! Once you have decided the sports & league you want to bet on, start building your dream team.

W88 Fantasy sports

  • For instance, let’s pick Valencia vs Espanyol from La Liga from the Football section.
  • Now click on the Play button to start building your team.

Step 3:  Make your fantasy team at W88 Fantasy sports

There are a few fundamental prerequisites to participate in W88’s fantasy sports leagues. The first is that you must assemble a fantasy league squad by selecting players from a list.

W88 Fantasy sports

  • 3 attackers, 5 midfielders, 5 defenders, and 2 goalkeepers are required for a total of 15 players. Furthermore, you can only choose up to 3 Premier League club players.
  • Each player has a certain cost that you will incur if you choose to have that member on your team. Because you only have a budget of $100 million to work with when selecting your players, it’s critical to choose wisely.
  • You are free to make as many changes to your 15-player team as you want throughout the first week of the season.
  • After that, you can only make one change per week, and you must designate a weekly captain who will get double points if they score.
  • Finally, a free transfer will be provided each week, as well as 2 wild cards, one for the first half of the season and the other for the second. Transfers can be made indefinitely with wild cards.

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W88 fancy cash prize – Win ₹86,000 every month

The best part about W88 Fantasy sports is the cash prize. Hope you are excited to build your W88 Fantasy team & begin your adventure. But before that have a look at the table below to understand the weekly & monthly cash prizes. Yes, players can get a chance to win both monthly as well as weekly cash prizes.W88 Fantasy sports

Players securing 1st place in the weekly tournament can win a ₹17,000 cash prize. And similarly, the monthly cash prize for the winner is ₹86,000.  All in all, you can get a share of the total prize of ₹99,000,000. So get ready to make millions at W88 Fantasy sports! If you want to grab more such excellent freebies & bonuses, then you must visit W88 Promotions.


Now that we have come to the end of the W88 Fantasy sports article, it’s time for you to start making your fantasy team. W88 offers a number of different Fantasy Sports leagues to choose from. Come on get your account opened at W88 & start making money online. Build your dream team & bag big bucks!

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