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Find Review for Top 9 W88 Games having 97%+ payout returns with super exciting cash rewards. Play Indian special games & many other exciting games to win more!

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W88 Online Casino games played! W88 Sports Betting played! W88 Poker played! W88 Lottery played! What more? The exciting W88 Games section is where you can find more fun and entertainment along with super exciting cash rewards and payout returns. There is always more to explore at W88. So, get ready to have an amazing roller coaster ride going through all the W88 games!

How to Access and Play W88 Games?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player on W88, if you have not yet ventured into the exciting W88 games then you’re missing a lot more. Here’s a small guide to help you access these exciting games.

Step 1: Go to the W88 homepage and attempt login


  • To start with anything on W88, the first step would always be to login.
  • Enter your username and password and get access to everything on W88.

Learn how to W88 register in simple steps to get access to the W88 online gaming world!

Step 2: Go to the W88 Games Section 

  • The next step after login is selecting the “Games” tab on the W88 menu bar.


  • You’ll see a lot of games popping below it.
  • Either you can select the game you want to play from there or refer the step 3.

Step 3: Select any game to start betting

  • After clicking on the Games tab on the menu bar, you’ll be directed to the W88 Games page with all the exciting games on the screen.
  • You need to select from them, the game you wish to play and bet.


  • There are total 9 games under the Games tab along with more than 55 games under Anakatech and 10 games under Microgaming.
  • Start playing and betting on any game and win the exciting payout returns.

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Top 9 W88 Games Review

W88 Games are very popular to earn big and it also has a lot of variety right from the Indian special 3 card poker and Andar Bahar games to the exciting horse racing and rocket racing games. Review all the games and find the best one that suits your interest and start wagering!

1. Andar Bahar 

Andar Bahar is a very popular game in India. W88 has this amazing game in its Games section with an amazing display of the casino room and a virtual sexy dealer in the front. It is a simple game and a 100% luck game with absolutely no skills required.


How to play:

  • There are two sides, “Andar” and “Bahar” in this game.
  • There is also a dealer who places a face-up card in the middle of the table, and the players have to bet on whether which of the sides the same card value will show up.
  • If you chose the bet correct, you win.

3 reasons to play W88 Games – Andar Bahar:

  1. High-quality video with an exciting display of a casino room.
  2. The payout if Andar wins is 0.90 and if Bahar wins, it is 0.97.
  3. There are more than 10 betting types to win the game.

2. Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker, another super famous W88 game, has outstanding visuals and a sexy male dealer to play with. It is a three-card game played between the dealer and the player wherein the thrill increases when both the cards are compared and the winner is declared. 


How to play:

  • The game deals with the dealer and the player. 
  • At first, the “Ante” or “Pair+” bets are placed and then three cards are dealt between the players and the dealer.
  • There are two choices either to “Play” or to “Fold.”
  • After placing the bets, both the hands are compared, and the hand with higher ranking cards wins the bet.

3 reasons to play W88 games – Three card poker

  1. Play and win with bonus hands up to x40.
  2. The payout is 40 for a straight flush hand combination and there are only 5 winning hand combinations which means it is a speedy poker game.
  3. There is also a statistics option wherein you can see the average percentage of which side is winning more and which hand is dealt more. This can help you to strategise your bets.

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3. Classic Baccarat

Classic Baccarat is the same as the usual popular Baccarat game with two hands – Player and Banker. W88 has all such games in its Live Casino section, but what makes gamblers try out the virtual versions is the super high-quality display and maximum winning chances. 


How to play:

  • The game is dealt between two hands – the Players hand and the Bankers hand.
  • The players can bet either on each side or Tie bet.
  • If the outcome matches the bet placed, the player wins.

3 reasons to play W88 games – Classic Baccarat

  1. Easy gameplay.
  2. Outstanding game setting.
  3. High winning odds.

4. Super 98 Baccarat

Super 98 Baccarat is getting more popular because of its extra betting types than the usual baccarat game. Players who are always looking for ways to explore new games and try new varieties will find this exciting Baccarat game interesting and fun to play.


How to play:

  • A 12-digit dice is rolled before every betting round and if the number appearing on the dice is either 8 or 9, then the player who placed the bet on Super hand will be announced as a Super hand.
  • The two cards are then dealt with each hand and the summation of their total card value must be close to 9.
  • If such a thing happens, it is called a “natural win” or an additional third card drawn upon the applicable situations to determine the winning hand.
  • There are additional bets in this game that include Banker pair, Player pair, Big and Small.

3 reasons to play W88 games – Super98 Baccarat

  1. Super hand feature increases the odds.
  2. Players who love uniqueness will love this new Baccarat game.
  3. The game has Natural, Pair and Super 6+ bets apart from the usual bets.

5. Fafa Baccarat

Fafa Baccarat is another new version of playing the Baccarat game with an introduction of a new FAFA card to increase your winning hands. This Baccarat game is more effective and interesting as it has more betting types like “Any pair” with a huge payout return on it. Newer versions of Baccarat are a must-try as it has more uniqueness in the gaming structure and has more winning chances.


How to play Fafa Baccarat:

  • Fafa Baccarat is played with 8 decks of cards in a shoe.
  • The players have to bet on their selected betting types and once the timer runs out, the Fafa cards multipliers with the multiplier number on them appear on the game table.
  • Players have to select any fafa card they feel will help them increase their winning hand.
  • The player has to draw any fafa card and if he wins at the end of the round and has the drawn fafa card on his winning hand, then the total winning of the player gets multiplied by the number on the fafa card. The fafa cards multipliers have numbers – 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.

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3 reasons to play W88 games – Fafa Baccarat

  1. Fafa card boosts the total winning of the player.
  2. The game interface and design are very appealing with a fafa card person flying on the cloud and revealing the card multipliers.
  3. Any Pair bets are paid 39:1.

6. Fafa Roulette

Fafa Roulette is the most popular game on W88 being the highest payout game. It is a new version of the usual popular Roulette game. The additional fafa card twist with multipliers up to 288 is driving gamblers crazy and more encouraged to lay and bet on it.


How to play Fafa Roulette:

  • Just like the normal Roulette game, a small white ball is spun and a fafa person rides on a cloud revealing the fafa card multipliers on the Roulette table.
  • the bets are placed before the ball has spun on the Odd/Even, Red/Black, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 1-18 and 19-36.
  • If the player wins the bet the total winning amount gets multiplied by the Fafa card he drew during the game.
  • Fafa Roulette card numbers are 50, 68, 88, 108, 138, 168, 188, 208, 268 and 288.

3 reasons to play W88 Games – Fafa Roulette

  1. With fafa cards, players can win up to 288x.
  2. The game is popular because of its high payouts and fafa cards.
  3. Super exciting game design with a roulette wheel above the table and the result are clearly shown on the screen.

7. Lucky Derby

Lucky Derby is a famous horse racing game with endless thrill and entertainment. Players who love to play and wager on thrilling and breathtaking games like this will surely love to play this game as well. 


How to play:

  • The game starts with players placing bets on quinella combinations. there are 15 quinella combinations to bet on.
  • After a brief countdown time, the race starts and at the end of the race, the winning quinella is disclosed.
  • The player betting on the winning quinella wins the bet.
  • The player’s winning doubles, if the bonus stallion number, winning quinella and player’s bet match.

3 Reasons to play W88 Games – Lucky Derby

  1. Players loving racing games and want to bet on them will love the Lucky Derby game.
  2. A thrilling game with thunder increasing till the winning quinella is declared.
  3. Bonus Stallion feature and high payout returns.

8. Money Blast

Money Blast as the name goes is surely a money blasting game. It is a rocket racing game wherein there are 6 coloured rockets and players have to bet as to which rocket will touch the finish line first. This is another thrilling game with lots of exciting game features.


How to play:

  • Select any number on the rocket you would want to bet on.
  • The race starts after the countdown time is over.
  • The winning rocket is the one that touches the finish line first.

3 reasons to play W88 Games – Lucky Derby

  1. A thrilling game with x750 winning bet for the rocket touching the finish line.
  2. There is a booster on the game to increase the speed of the rocket and a meteor that will decrease the speed.
  3. So, many exciting gaming features and a high cashout.

9. Thor

Thor is another super interesting W88 game with exciting gaming features and a whole set is made in such a way that players feel engaged and get engrossed in the game.


How to play:

  • Players have to place a bet on any of the 12 betting types or the side bet.
  • When the game begins, Thor will start flying and a light goes around the tiles.
  • The boss reels will then start to spin. If they have the same faces, then a Battle Mode is unlocked and players will have an option to engage in the Battle with the selected boss.
  • If the Battle is won by Thor, a bonus is received by the player.
  • The light stops on a tile and the players betting on that tile, wins.
  • the players betting on the correct symbol wins the side bet reward.

3 reasons to play W88 Games – Thor

  1. Outstanding user interface and awesome game features.
  2. Multiple betting options.
  3. The battle feature increases the overall impact.


W88 Games have a super awesome thrill and adventure that players love to experience and high payouts are what everyone is looking for. You get everything playing on W88 games. So, try now! Login to your W88 account and start wagering on the best online games to earn more. Follow the above guide to select the best game that suits your choice. Good Luck!

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