Best 8 high RTP W88 jackpot slots – Cash in up to ₹3,54,479K

Ever tried your luck at jackpot slots? Check out top 8 W88 jackpot slots with high RTP. Learn to play & win biggest cash prize up to ₹354,479,751 at W88 India!


Most slot players fantasize about winning a massive, life-changing jackpot. Winning a jackpot slot is similar to winning the lottery. The odds are long, but the rewards can be huge.

Introduction to W88 Jackpot slots

W88 Jackpot slots, as the name implies, are games that give players the possibility to win a large cash payout. These jackpots are usually large prizes that are awarded in addition to the regular prizes that can be won by spinning in the main game or during a slot’s bonus rounds.

W88 Jackpot slots

Each bet you make on a jackpot slot contributes a small amount to the prize pool. It’s easy to see how jackpots may grow so huge when thousands, if not millions, of little bets, combine.

Top 8 W88 jackpot slots – High RTP up to 96.95%

There are a plethora of W88 jackpot slots available at W88 India. They’re from Microgaming, Playtech, Yggdrasil Gaming, and many more. Here’s what we believe to be the best punch:

#1. Ozwin’s jackpot – 96.7%

  • Slot Provider: Yggdrasil 
  • RTP Percentage: 96.7%
  • Total reels: 5 reels 20 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹10

W88 Jackpot slots

Ozwin’s Jackpot Slot possesses the magical ability to convert Harry Potter, King Arthur, Merlin, and The Lord of the Rings into stone. In the Spellbook Bonus Game, which has a sorcery theme, you can earn cash prizes and gather crystals, which will be used in the Jackpot Free Spins feature, which offers 10 free spins & a 3x multiplier. You must collect 5 orbs of different colors to win one of 5 progressive jackpots.

#2. Funky monkey jackpot – 96.95%

  • Slot Provider: Playtech 
  • RTP Percentage: 96.95%
  • Total reels: 3 reels 1 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹1

W88 Jackpot slots

Funky Monkey Jackpot is an old-school jackpot game from Playtech that has simple gameplay, enticing payouts, and a jackpot for those who are fortunate enough to score the proper winning combination. The Jackpot edition of the Funky Monkey Jackpot slot is a sequel to the original Funky Monkey slot. It doesn’t change anything that players liked about the first game, but it does add another significant reason to spin the reels: a single-tier jackpot.

#3. Better wilds power play – 96.38%

  • Slot Provider: Playtech
  • RTP Percentage: 96.38%
  • Total reels: 5 reels 25 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹0.50

W88 Jackpot slots

Spin the Better Wilds Powerplay Jackpot online slot to get your track on. Keep an eye out for Special Wilds that wander about and offer respins, as well as the Powerplay Jackpot ticker for a huge payout. The wild, emerald special wild, and 7 are the highest paying symbols, each paying up to 500 times your bet. The bell, pink, blue, and yellow BARS, as well as a pair of cherries, follow. Lower paying symbols on the Better Wilds Powerplay Jackpot slot machine range from A to K, Q, and J.

#4. Jackpot raider – 96.3%

  • Slot Provider: Yggdrasil
  • RTP Percentage:  96.3%
  • Total reels: 5 reels 20 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹5

W88 Jackpot slots

To find the Jackpot Raiders online slot, board the ship and follow the chart. Jackpot Raiders is an action-packed 5-reel, 20-payline jackpot slot from Yggdrasil Gaming that includes cash bonuses, 2 free spins features with multipliers up to 10x, a pick-me-style game, a multi-level feature, and 5 progressive jackpots. Join Sam and Bear on a quest to find the mythical Sunken City’s treasures.

#5. Jackpot express – 96.20%

  • Slot Provider: Yggdrasil
  • RTP Percentage: 96.20%
  • Total reels: 5 reels 20 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹2

W88 Jackpot slots

Travel aboard the ship where the Jackpot Express online slot’s reels spin. Take a ride aboard the Jackpot Express slot and play riverboat gambler. This gambling-themed slot features some fantastic additions. They include 3 free spins rounds with sticky wilds, multipliers, or a combination of both to increase your chances of winning. You’ll also have a chance to win one of 3 jackpots: Mini, Side, or Major.

#6. Age of gods – 95.02%

  • Slot Provider: Playtech
  • RTP Percentage: 95.02%
  • Total reels5 reels 20 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹10

W88 Jackpot slots

Athena, Hercules, Poseidon, and Zeus appear in this progressive jackpot game. A Pantheon of Power On Reels feature is available, in which all 5 gods line up to award you a cash win. This is by far the best Age of the Gods slot, with multipliers up to 5x, up to 5 wilds on every single free spin, growing multipliers, and expanding wilds. There are also 4 progressive jackpots up for grabs.

#7. Immortal romance mega moolah – 93.4%

  • Slot Provider: Microgaming
  • RTP Percentage: 93.4%
  • Total reels: 5 reels 243 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹15

W88 Jackpot slots

The young vampires have returned, and this time they’ve brought with them a huge progressive jackpot feature. The Immortal Romance Mega Moolah online slot includes all of the original’s features, including free spins with multipliers, Rolling Reels, and more, as well as a wild symbol, wins of up to 12,000x. You’ll also have a chance to win the massive Mega Moolah jackpot.

#8. Mega Moolah – 88.12%

  • Slot Provider: Microgaming
  • RTP Percentage: 88.12%
  • Total reels: 5 reels 25 payline
  • Least bet amount: ₹12.50

W88 Jackpot slots

The Mega Moolah slot, has produced more millionaires than any other jackpot slot. It is set amid the African plains. Wilds quadruple payouts, and there’s a Free Spins feature where you may win up to 30 free spins with a 3x multiplier. The 4 progressive jackpots are the main attraction, with the Mega Jackpot paying out a record $19.4 million.

How to play W88 jackpot slots – In 3 steps

Now that you are familiar with the best W88 jackpot slots, it’s to begin the adventure for real money. Follow the below steps on how to play W88 jackpot slots and become a millionaire in no time.

Step 1: Access W88 official website & login

  • Registration is a must for real money games. Newbies can set up their new W88 account at W88 Register.

W88 Jackpot slots

  • Existing players need to enter their login credentials to proceed.
  • After loggin in, click on slots from the menu bar.

Step 2: Select Yggdrasil’s Ozwins jackpot with RTP 96.7%

  • W88 features an incredible collection of slots from great providers.

W88 Jackpot slots

Happyindia88 recommends you pick the Yggdrasil provider because it has a high RTP jackpot slot with RTP of 96.7%.

W88 Jackpot slots

  • In the search bar type, Owzin’s Jackpot and click on Play Now to begin the adventure.

Step 3: Start spinning & win big prizes at W88

  • Once you clicked on Play Now, you will be taken to a new window.
  • Firstly set your bet limit at the bottom left corner.

W88 Jackpot slots

  • Newbies must go for the minimum bet that is ₹10 to avoid huge losses.
  • Then click on the Spin button and win great rewards on matching symbols.

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4 Mistakes to avoid while playing W88 jackpot slots

With W88 jackpot slots, you may make extra money while you are playing safe. Making good money, on the other hand, is dependent on your methods. Making money on slot machines is especially advantageous to individuals who avoid the following major jackpot slot game blunders. Make sure to go through them first and then do W88 login to begin jackpot slots gambling.

W88 Jackpot slots

1. Not Following the Rules – The majority of gamers do not read the rules. You can, of course, do so without reading them. However, if you do not follow the guidelines, you may miss out on something crucial. When you’re playing on a machine with jackpots, for example, you’ll need to know how to activate a greater reward.

2. Not aiming for the big prize – Consider playing for jackpots if you wish to win. Progressive jackpot slots machines come in handy in this situation. However, there are a number of other machines with large fixed prizes. So always research for the best.

3. Bonuses are being overlooked – When players join an online casino, they are usually rewarded with a match bonus on their initial deposit. The casino will add an additional amount to your deposit according to their rates. This allows you to play for extended periods of time while still saving money. Check out the best offers at W88 Promotions and grab them now.

4. Not being familiar with RTPs – Take the time to examine the RTP (Return to the Player)of the slot before making your wager. This is the proportion of your winnings that you will earn after every spins. Remember higher the RTP, the more will be your odds of winning.


W88 Jackpot slots are played in the same way as regular slots are. Progressive jackpot slots normally have a comparable selection of bonus rounds and features as standard slots. Free spins, pick-me rounds, cash trails, and other features are on the way. So pick any of the slots mentioned above and win great prizes at W88!

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