W88 VIP 2022 – Ultimate betting games: Cash prize up to ₹43k

Join W88 VIP club to relish exciting freebies & cash benefits up to ₹43,000. Experience best gaming adventure with special services at W88 VIP club. Hurry up!

W88 Free ₹250 W88 Free ₹15,000

W88 is one of the most user-friendly online sports betting and live casino sites available to gamblers. It is known as the world’s most popular gaming website. Scroll to know more about W88 VIP club!

What is the W88 VIP club? Objectives & Mission

Our objective is to provide the highest level of service in the world, combining satisfaction, customization profiling, professionalism, the highest levels of service, incentives, and awards to create the greatest VIP gaming program experience.

W88 VIP club

W88‘s VIP W88 Club program provides a fresh outlook with a slew of special advantages and privileges. It offers its members the best online gaming experience possible.

8 Benefits of the W88 VIP club

Wondering what’s the use of joining the W88 VIP club? The 8 advantages will surprise you, and you’ll rush to be a part of it right away.

W88 VIP club

  1. As a W88 member, you have the option to upgrade to the next level of the VIP club program, which includes blue, gold, platinum, and diamond.
  2. Members have access to an exclusive deposit and withdrawal system.
  3. You will have dedicated customer service that is available 24/7.
  4. Rewards points eligibility, exclusive redemption categories, activities, and discount treatments are all available to VIP members.
  5. VIP birthday presents are available to Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIP members.
  6. VIPs can participate in promotional events.
  7. There are welcome bonuses and incentives for VIP club members.
  8. On invitation, VIP tours, concerts, theatres, cruises, and vacation plans are provided.

2 Steps – How to apply for the W88 VIP club?

You must be delighted to be a part of the W88 VIP club to grab all the freebies and have a fantastic gaming adventure. Let’s quickly dive into the procedure on how to apply for the W88 VIP club program now in just 2 easy steps. Follow us!

Step 1: Register an account at W88 login

Opening an account at W88 is a must to enroll yourself for the W88 VIP club.

W88 VIP club


  • Set up an account at W88 Register and continue with the below steps.
  • Current players at W88 need to log in with their proper credentials.

Step 2: Click the VIP icon from the menu bar

W88 VIP club

  • On successful login, you’ll find a home icon at the left corner of the homepage.
  • Hover your mouse and you will find the “VIP” option there.
  • Just click on it and you will be taken to a new page where you will find all the information related to the W88 VIP club.

4 unique levels at the W88 VIP club

So, walk into W88 VIP Club to explore a whole new level of service, and see why we name it “House of High Rollers, You Deserve It!”. Below are the 4 W88 VIP levels one can implement.

W88 VIP club

Terms & Conditions

  1. W88 registered members can only participate in the W88 VIP Club program.
  2. The VIP Levels Discount Percentage does not apply to the redemption of Free Bets Rewards.
  3. This program, which was established to reward loyal users who regularly patronize W88.com’s gaming experience, is free of charge.
  4. W88 will not accept any member who wishes to transfer his or her membership level to a third party.
  5. W88 maintains the right to review a member’s transaction history and login status at any time.
  6. If we discover and have reason to think that any terminal user or personal group is abusing the qualification and privileges, we retain the right to terminate VIP membership without warning.
  7. W88 reserves the right to interpret, modify or nullify VIP member regulations.

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W88 VIP club promotion – Birthday bonus up to ₹43,000

W88 VIP club members can now double their birthday celebration with an exclusive birthday bonus. Yes, it’s true! W88 offers unique birthday presents to its members during the month of their birthday.

W88 VIP club

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond VIP level members can get a birthday treat of an 88% bonus up to ₹43,000. The rollover requirement is just x5 to claim this tremendous bonus. Join VIP club now and have fun. Looking for more mind-blowing offers? Pay a visit to W88 Promotions to explore more such bonuses.


Stunned reading about the W88 VIP club program? Indeed W88 VIP has some of the best benefits for VIP level members include cutting-edge electronics, numerous free bets, online bargains, lifestyle gifts, sports apparel gifts, and luxury branded lifestyle presents. What are you waiting for? Log in to the W88 website and take advantage of the VIP members’ additional rewards now.

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