What is free bet in Betway India – Win ₹500 worth free bets

Know what is free bet in Betway India. Get free bets of ₹500, exclusively for Indian players by placing bets on multiples. Join & win 150% up to ₹15,000 bonus!


What is free bet in Betway – ₹500 worth of free bet

Since the IPL season is blooming, there are free bets worth ₹250 on Mondays for pre-match betting on T20 selected cricket matches and you can join the free bet club to claim free bet worth ₹500 at Betway India. Both the offers are available for new members and existing players who haven’t claimed them yet.


Free bets are offered by Betway India as a reward for loyal customers at Betway. It is a promotional deal to attract more punters. There are two promotional free bet deals to claim for customers:

  1. Free bet worth ₹250: This promotional deal is applicable for T20 selected matches only. Punters have to do pre-match betting before claiming a free bet worth ₹250 in cricket sports.
  2. Free bet worth ₹500: This free bet club deal is applicable all the time for all the Betway products. Spend ₹500 on your chosen Betway product to claim a free bet worth ₹500.

How does free bet in Betway work?

The free bet club in Betway India works on the principle of punter spending. If the punter spends ₹500 on betting on opted products under the promotion within a week. The punter will get an extra ₹500 free bets to place more bets after the completion of one week. This free bet club dilutes within 30 days.


  • Punters will get 4 weeks to take advantage of this free bet club at Betway India for all products. Bet on games with greater odds of 2.00 or above, given under terms and conditions.
  • If the promotional deal is not used at all within 7 days, it will be expired punters will be deprived of all the benefits that free bet offers. Claiming is simple after understanding.
  • Read the terms and conditions thoroughly to not make any mistakes. Place bets worth ₹500 on the chosen product within a week to claim a free bet worth ₹500 on Saturday morning.

Top 5 terms & conditions to claim free bet in Betway

The most crucial part before claiming any promotion deal is to read the terms and conditions, there are 6-7 pages to terms and conditions and no punter is interested in reading them all. Therefore, we brought you the top 5 terms and conditions to give you a simple yet overall idea about free bets.

  1. Applicable on all products: Players can choose the products they want free bets for. It can be sportsbooks, live casinos, and esports. The free bet club promotion is applicable to all products.
  2. Eligible betting odds: Players must bet on sports or live casino games with 2.00 or higher odds. Players must bet on doubles or higher bets to get a free bet worth ₹500.
  3. Spending of the week: Punter must place bets worth ₹500 on the chosen product within a week to claim a free bet worth ₹500 on Saturday. Betting odds should be higher than 2.00 units.
  4. The club runs from Friday to Saturday: Your weekly free bet will be credited to you on Saturday morning if you have fulfilled the requirements in the previous week to claim ₹500 free bets.
  5. Duration of free bet club: After opting for the promotion, it will be valid for 30 days only. After 30 days, the free bet club will dilute, and you will not get any more free bets. Use 4 best weeks.

How to opt-in for a free bet in Betway – 2 steps guide

Are you ready to win free bets worth ₹500 every week? If yes, then join Betway India now to claim what you deserve after giving so much to the online gambling industry. Follow the points mentioned below in a stepwise manner to claim free bets worth ₹500 every week on multiple products.

Step 1: Access Betway, Register & click on promotions

  • Access the official website of Betway India via the link in the article to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘Register’ in the top right corner of the homepage to make Betway registration smoothly.


  • Select ‘Promotions’ to see all the bonuses available for loyal existing customers of Betway India.

Step2: Opt-in for the free bet club worth ₹500

  • There’s one common promotion for every customer in every Betway category.


  • Click on ‘Opt in’ to claim the promotion on the product of Betway India.
  • You have to bet worth ₹500 to claim a free bet worth ₹500 on weekly basis.

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Apart from free bets, grab a chance to claim a 100% Betway welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 in a live casino wallet. We recommend you choose a live casino for free bets too, this way you’ll earn the most. Since Betway live casino offers the largest promotional deal.


Sign up for your Betway account and make your first deposit of a minimum of ₹700 in a live casino wallet to win a 100% bonus of up to ₹15,000 after completing the wagering requirements.

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We hope you understood what is free bet in Betway. Spend and earn more within a week. Place your bets worth ₹500 on any chosen product of Betway India within a week. Grab a free bet worth ₹500 on Saturday morning for 4 weeks in a row. Join Betway India to place your bets on sportsbooks and live casinos and earn a welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on the first deposit.

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